Relevance Lab Launches RLCatalyst 3.0 as Open Source to Drive "Intelligent DevOps"

Accelerating Enterprise Adoption and Management of DevOps + Cloud + IT Ops "The Right Way."

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DevOps + ITIL – "A Powerful Combination"

RLCatalyst can power DevOps Driven Automation and Optimization in ITIL Service Management with continual service improvement and organizational performance.

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Accelerate from "Agile to DevOps" using "RLCatalyst  for Jira Cloud"

Speed up your Continuous Delivery efforts by leveraging RLCatalyst Product within the Jira and Atlassian eco-system.

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Continuous Integration, Infrastructure Automation, Cloud Orchestration Powered By Chef

Leverage the Power of Chef with our Consulting Services, Pre-built Solutions and Library of cookbooks to adopt the right Cloud Use Cases and DevOps Maturity Models.

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Enhancing Digital Experiences for E-Learning and Assessments

Leverage the power of new UI technologies, Content Management and Responsive Designs to provide better Digital Experiences.

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Relevance Lab is a DevOps Specialist Company – Making Cloud Adoption easy for Enterprises

Relevance Lab is DevOps Specialist Company focused on making Cloud adoption easy for Enterprises. The company offers a product RLCatalyst that drives “DevOps Automation and Optimization” helping enterprises leverage DevOps Driven Engineering, DevOps Driven ITSM and DevOps Leveraged Cloud Governance. Leveraging the product and pre-build solutions, Relevance Lab also offers Services for transformation in Digital Content Delivery, Cloud Applications, Big Data based Information Discovery and Software Defined Infrastructure.

Technology Solutions

Cloud-Ready DevOps

Cloud Ready DevOps platform provide organizations a way to leverage Cloud Computing for increasing efficiency and scale

Re-Imagine UI

New User Experience Design and re-engineering of existing applications with New Responsive Designs

Smart Interactions

Smart Interactions social media monitoring are about combining the power of Technology, Data and Customer

Vertical Solutions

Digital Learning

Relevance Lab offers "Digital Learning Platform" enabling adaptive learning models leveraging unified content

Clinical Cloud

Clinical Cloud provides a suite of inter-connected applications with Automation, Governance and Risk monitoring

Smart Assets Creation

Smart Assets Creation is a unique model offered to companies focused on IP creation, products and platforms