Chef-a new and better way to automate Cloud Infrastructure

"Relevance Lab as a strategic Chef Partner caters to the growing need for Infrastructure Automation, Cloud Management and leveraging the benefits of concepts like "Infrastructure As A Code" where Chef provides a very powerful systems integration framework for automating the cloud. Relevance Lab has built deep expertise on Chef and best practices for solutions in this space. We have created a “Chef Factory” solution to help enterprises jump-start their move to Infrastructure Automation."

Our Chef Expertise & Services

Experience with Hosted and Private Chef Implementation.
Standardized templates to automate the provisioning of Virtual environments in AWS, Xen and VMware.

Develop Re-Usable Chef recipes. Integration with federated Zabbix Monitoring model.
Chef based deployment framework supporting various vertical teams. Chef Modelling and implementing re-usable cookbooks

Built a common Chef Stack deploy framework across Dev, Test, Reference, Staging, Load Stacks mimicking Production environment.
Infrastructure automation and standardized templates for common supporting software. Chef Modelling and implementing re-usable cookbooks


Chef Expertise