“ArcNet” Command Center – Your First Line of Defence

Relevance Lab announces the launch of its “ArcNet” Command Center MSP platform for enabling businesses with Monitoring with Auto Remediation capabilities across their applications and heterogeneous infrastructure environments.

The evolution of “Software-Defined Business” is driving momentum for Automation. IT Monitoring Service Operations models are evolving from Traditional Models to Automation-led Managed Services Models. These models deliver higher availability, faster turnaround time, the efficiency with committed service levels and cost savings. This is shifting the paradigm of Monitoring Operations from reactive remedial services to more proactive & predictive services.
The ArcNet Command Center acts as a First Line of Defence for an organization’s Monitoring needs by providing a:
  • First line of Detection and Auto-Resolutions
  • Self-Aware, Self-Control, Self-Correct, Self-Improve
  • Cloud Security, Compliance and Governance
  • Discovery, CMDB, SAE Enablement, Auto-Configured Dashboards
This also enables multi-Cloud Security, Compliance and Governance, with Discovery, CMDB, Self-Aware Element (SAE) Enablement and Auto-Configured Dashboards.
Organizations can potentially automate 30% of monitoring and remediation tasks, thus driving higher efficiencies and cost savings. The “ArcNet” Command Centre is integrated with ServiceNow and can also integrate with other service desk applications. It is also integrated with popular monitoring and dashboarding tools like

App Monitoring

Log Monitoring

System Monitoring


The ArcNet Command Center is offered as a Platform Based Service comprising of Software, Services and Support, and organizations can use it in 2 models made available by Relevance Lab:

Standard Package

  • 24x7 Monitoring and Support for L0 tickets
  • Service Availability
  • Health Monitoring
  • Deployments Support

Advanced Package

  • DevOps Training & Support
  • Automation
  • L1/L2/L3 Support
  • Prioritised feature implementation in Roadmap
  • Security & Compliance
  • CMDB and Capacity Optimization
  • Cloud Migration and Management

“ArcNet” Command Center – your first line of defence

Packed with integrated monitoring, automation and self-remediation capabilities

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