Automation is disrupting and re-defining how business run and how services are delivered today and in future. This momentum for Automation is shifting the paradigm from headcount driven models to software driven deliveries in traditional IT Services. With the evolution of Software-Defined Business and Software Robots (BOTS), Automation these days has become a strategic imperative for enterprises with the quantum of automation achieved emerging as a major KPI for their internal IT organizations.
The “Automation First” BOTS platform from Relevance Lab enables Automation in traditional IT Service Operations encompassing Infrastructure, Applications and Service Delivery tasks. It helps enterprises standardize their automation efforts, achieve better quality and velocity with clear ROI tracking on human efforts saved. This platform helps organizations rapidly reduce 30% of common repetitive efforts related to User Management, Access Control, Application Deployments, Production Support tasks etc.

How It Works

The platform includes components like BOT Factory, BOT Library and BOT Orchestrator for complete life cycle management of software BOTs for automation in service deliveries.

BOT Orchestrator

Gallery, Control Panel, Audit Trail, Value Tracker and Scheduler

BOT Factory

Continuous Delivery Pipeline comprising BOT Builders which can be UI-based, Agent-based, Script-based, Workflow-based

BOT Library

Comprising 200+ pre-built BOT components across BOT Types like CHECK, RUN, PREDICT, COMPOSITE.

Meet The BOTs

They come in various flavours.



KPI - based monitoring and diagnostic

  • Infra, Application, Health check
  • Security and Compliance


Run task to automate common Services

  • User & Service Management
  • Installation & Configuration


Runs analytics on existing KPI and forecast what is ahead

  • Cost & Usage Projection
  • Cloud Management


Helper BOTs to facilitate other BOTs

  • Notification
  • Ticket Management



They use other agents like Chef, Docker, Ansible & Jenkins


They use UI automation framework like Selenium


They use Scripting language like Python, Ruby, Power Shell

Benefits of “Automation First” BOTS platform

  • Reduce 30% of Manual Efforts by automating common repetitive tasks
  • Use 200+ in-built BOTs from the Library
  • Create Your Own New BOTs
  • Migrate Your Existing BOTs
  • Track time saved by BOTs in real-time from the dashboard
  • Manage complete lifecycle of your BOTs with the SDLC framework in the platform
  • Standardize fragmented and siloed BOTS initiatives
  • With no lock-in to proprietary technologies – platform is built using Open Source

Automation-First BOTs Platform

Jumpstart your “Enterprise Automation” efforts with BOTs

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