20% Efficiency Gains: Pharma's Revenue and ERP Wins

Through innovative material flow mapping and Google-like search integration, we streamlined ERP implementation for a pharmaceutical leader, cutting costs and time by 20%. This solution eliminated non-value exceptions, identified untapped customer segments, standardized processes, and optimized working capital, fostering revenue growth and operational efficiency.

Friction Points

  • Tedious, costly, and unreliable manual business scoping procedures
  • Challenges in swiftly identifying normal and exceptional scenarios
  • Urgent need to streamline manual efforts and minimize cycle times
  • Ensuring active engagement and early alignment of business SMEs


  • Initial comprehensive download of crucial transactional data
  • Continuous data refinement with refresh capabilities
  • Implementation of baseline solutions with vital queries
  • Collaborative iterative reviews with business stakeholders to maximize data visualization benefits


  • More than 20% reduction in ERP/M&A time and costs, significantly enhancing quality standards
  • Drive towards process standardization by eliminating non-value-added exceptions
  • Revenue escalation through targeted identification of underserved customers and automation opportunities
  • Enhanced working capital management by optimizing inventory levels, addressing service discrepancies, reducing aged receivables/payables, and minimizing SLOB instances.


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