Beyond Migration: 150+ Apps' Journey to the Cloud with Zero Downtime

We helped the client accelerate cloud migration, enhancing data analytics, scalability, and security while addressing legacy issues.


Applications and services migrated to AWS on a Virtual Private Cloud


Savings in data center costs by rationalizing applications and retiring legacy server footprint


Customer-facing applications tuned & modernized for better performance

Friction Points

  • Absence of legacy applications, complexities & outdated tech stack resulting in security & legal vulnerabilities.
  • Lack of processes and technologies for scaling IT and product engineering requirements to meet market demands driven.
  • Fragmented data gathering & analytics hinder the decision-making process.
  • Lack of scalability of the existing applications and infrastructure.
  • Absence of standardization leads to unpredictable and cumbersome support.

Solution Approach

  • Enterprise cloud migration solution with a data-driven plan and collaboration with business stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive framework prioritizing customer-centric applications for scale and security.
  • Integrated approach leveraging cloud-first and secure engineering & deployment practices.
  • Automation to accelerate the development, deployment, testing, and operations.

Overview of Proposed Solution


  • Ensure zero downtime for business & end customers.  
  • Migration decision based on data analysis & discussion with business.
  • Deep dive into the product to get a 3600 view of the application.


  • Redesign & rationalization of database (DB) & its relevant services.
  • Resizing based on current usage and structure analysis.
  • Standardized the database layer with the implementation of AWS Aurora.
  • Enhanced DB load balancing with a focus on read operations.
  • Migration of Myisan to Innodb storage engine.
  • Upgrade of version MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 5.7.


  • Mandatory WAS review for every application using Qualys.
  • Mandatory resolution of any L5 & L4 reported issue.
  • Address major vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, and cross-site scripting (XSS) at infra and application.
  • Implementation of secure protocols like HTP to HTTPS.
  • Implementation of WAF as the first level of defense at the infra side


  • Re-engineer and provision lower env infra for all applications.
  • Prod infra sizing based on usage data from business & current load
  • Automated infra build using Terraform (both for data center and old AWS deployed).
  • Build standardized & automated CI/CD pipelines for all applications.
  • Uniform & standardized asset tagging for better cost visibility.
  • Upgrade all infra-OS with a baseline and approved AMI.
  • Implementation of WAF as the first-level security gate

Application Ecosystem

  • Security fixes at the code level (e.g. SQL Injection, XSS, etc.).
  • Decoupling of individual authentication systems to a centralized system.
  • Fixing of application compile issues.
  • Major bug fixes from backlog.
  • Build load model (current & projected) for all applications based on usage data sourced from business and existing logs.
  • Redevelop applications that scratch up wherever needed.


  • Deep dive to understand the end-to-end functional use cases of the applications.
  • Mandatory manual testing of all applications.
  • Review, modify & recreate automation test cases to reach >90% coverage.
  • Coordinate with the business users on UAT.


  • Built standardized and customizable cloud architecture.
  • Enables seamless data migration at one click.
  • Provides 360o monitoring & 24x7 support and implementation.
  • Developed the cloud transformation roadmap for a seamless migration process in the future.
  • Created migration and application type matrix for a detailed overview of the workflow process.


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