Breaking the Manual Shackles: How Intelligent BOTs Optimized Cloud Operations


A leading US-based multinational company in publishing, education, and media embarked on a strategic initiative to harness the power of cloud technology and drive digital transformation. In partnership with Relevance Lab, the organization committed to a holistic cloud adoption strategy, prioritizing automation to modernize infrastructure, applications, and service delivery management.

Digital Publisher
Automation, RLCatalyst BOTs, Cloud

With a need for a proficient Cloud, Automation, and DevOps transformation partner, the client found solace in Relevance Lab's expertise. Leveraging deep competencies in Cloud and DevOps, alongside the RLCatalyst BOTs automation solution, Relevance Lab carved a path for seamless enterprise-wide automation.


reduction in infrastructure CAPEX


faster release cycle of new products


reduction in cost of assesment and migration of legacy applications to the cloud

Friction Points

The client faced multiple challenges that hampered efficiency and productivity, including:

  • Manual, error-prone tasks in user and cloud asset management.
  • Absence of lifecycle management for End User Computing, including Active Directory, Email, and G-Suite services.
  • Inadequate lifecycle management for AWS resources and governance.
  • Lack of ITSM-integrated self-service capabilities.


We introduced an “Automation-First” strategy, leveraging the RLCatalyst Intelligent Automation solution built on AWS and integrated with ServiceNow. This approach unfolded in four progressive stages:

  1. User-assisted task automation for immediate efficiency.
  2. Workflow automation to streamline operations.
  3. Decisioning automation for handling complex use cases.
  4. Learning-based and AI/ML-powered intelligent automation for predictive and adaptive solutions.

Key implementations included:

  • Adopting a DevOps-driven architecture to modernize operations.
  • Upgrading IT infrastructure with Infrastructure as Code capabilities using AWS.
  • Deploying RLCatalyst BOTs Server on AWS for centralized automation orchestration.
  • Employing sophisticated automation for Governance, Security, SOX Compliance, and integrating legacy AS/400 systems, supported by RPA technology.
RLCatalyst BOTs Library


Simplified processes, increased productivity, improved asset utilization.

  • CAPEX Reduction: 60% decrease in infrastructure costs.
  • Speed to Market: 30% faster release cycles for new products.
  • Cost Efficiency: 40% reduction in the assessment and migration costs of legacy applications.
  • Asset Optimization: 23% improvement in asset utilization.
  • Simplified processes enabling single-click provisioning of new environments, replacing manual procedures.
  • Enhanced self-service for development and business teams, boosting productivity and allowing IT to focus on strategic areas like cloud services and legacy system modernization.


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