Telehealth Tech Testing Optimization: Faster Releases, Enhanced Efficiency

We assisted a telehealth tech company grappling with automation challenges and extended testing cycles caused by frequent API changes. By implementing an advanced Automation Framework and integrating SpecFlow, we significantly improved mobile device testing. This resulted in enhanced application delivery efficiency, more frequent releases, reduced test development time, and a notable improvement in ROI through streamlined QA efforts.

Friction Points

  • Lack of automation leading to extended testing cycles.
  • Challenges posed by frequent API changes aligned with business requirements.
  • Limited mobile device testing coverage affecting overall quality assurance.


  • Implemented an Automation Framework based on Cucumber BDD tests integrated with C# and SpecFlow.
  • Integrated SpecFlow library to enhance automation script outcomes.
  • Tailored solutions for comprehensive integrated testing across various mobile devices.
  • Introduced regular test reporting to monitor application health.
  • Utilized Behavior Driven Development (BDD) methodology for streamlined test case creation.
  • Integrated Jenkins and Lambda tests for continuous integration and parallel execution.


  • Improved application delivery efficiency with an increased number of releases (from one every six weeks to one every three).
  • Decreased test development time through reusable and updated test cases for different clients.
  • Eliminated lengthy manual test cases, reducing deployment turnaround time significantly.
  • Automated reports showcased a notable reduction in QA effort, showcasing improved Return on Investment (ROI).


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