CI/CD Cockpit

Amplifying the feedback loop with CI/CD Cockpit

Intuitive and configurable dashboards to show the process flow and performance metrics at each step

IT dev and test environments typically have large amounts of disparate data scattered and lying in different systems. Due to a lack of visibility into the CI/CD workflow, it leads to poor release quality, delayed deadlines due to a longer time overlay from development to production. In addition, there’s a lack of quality monitoring of build or deployment. RLCatalyst powered Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) amplifies the feedback loop with configurable dashboards that help measure the performance, enabling quick decisions.

CI/CD aggregates data and uses visualization techniques to help combat the lack of a rolled up view into project progress.

Technology Enablers

  • Visualization layers such as HTML, JQuery, JS, etc., are part of the GUI of RLCatalyst.
  • Data Lake web services for Jenkins, Jira, etc., for utilization as necessary by the visualization layer.
  • External sources for storing raw data such as Jenkins, Jira, SonarQube, GitHub, etc.
  • Using Cron Jobs to load data, aggregate and store raw data from the data loader.

CI/CD Cockpit Advantages

Get a consolidated view of multi-component projects

Early warnings on delays in product release based on trends in QA/Build Quality

 Reduce troubleshooting time

Improve sprint planning based on velocity of moving code from dev to production

Download The RLCatalyst CI/CD Platform Brochure