Boosting Performance with Automation

Streamlining Processes with Our Automation-First Approach

Looking to operate at peak performance? Automation is the key to optimizing repetitive tasks, accelerating delivery times, enhancing quality, and reducing costs. However, many enterprises are missing the common architecture and expertise required to plan, build, and run a proper automation effort.

At Relevance Lab, we can help you with the entire lifecycle of automation initiatives. We provide custom end-to-end automation design and support as well as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) consulting, assessments, and implementation. By leveraging our comprehensive, automation-first approach and cutting-edge technology, you can get rid of painful friction points and focus on high-value tasks that drive results.

Friction Points
Siloed Workloads and Tools
Unwieldy Processes
Lack of Integration
Redundant and Mundane Activities
Speed to Market
Complex IT Management
Need for Continuous Insights
Our Expertise
AI and ML
Dedicated CoEs for Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Monitoring Tools
Integrated Solutions
IT Infrastructure Operations Management 
Ongoing Technology Operations

Let Relevance Lab Help Your Organization

Smooth Operations & Accelerate Performance.

Our Offerings

Consulting/ Assessment

Build an Automation Roadmap tailored to your business and leverage leading RPA tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism.

Automation Design

Streamline repetitive manual processes into automated systems, identifying key human-bot collaboration points using scalable frameworks.


Standardize your automation efforts within IT service operations, infrastructure, applications, and service delivery.

Integrations & Support

Provide seamless connectivity and top-tier performance, combining robust bot management with secure, efficient third-party tool collaboration, including ServiceNow, OKTA, Salesforce, Jira, G Suite, Exchange, and AWS.

Technology Expertise

Processes Automated
Bots in Production
RPA Diploma & Certifications

Key Partners

We Deliver Exceptional Results

This is what customers have seen via a combination of proprietary platforms and playbooks.

6 Months

of in-house efforts saved


in annual savings

Productivity Gains

equal to 5 full-time employees

Accelerated Deployments

from weeks to hours

Improved Results

for fulfillment SLAs, quality, and compliance

See How We Helped a Global Company Reduce Infrastructure CAPEX by 60% and Increase Productivity by the Equivalent of 8 Employees